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A&D Ejector 12g by JD Dougall & Son

12g A&D ejector by JD Dougall & Son. This gun has 28" steel barrels with 2 3/4" chambers and a 15 1/2" straight-hand stock. This gun is built circa 1910 with a spindle lever system, rocker safe, Deeley box ejectors and an Anson fore-end. It is scroll engraved. It has a third locking grip to barrels and is number 2 of pair. The ribs have been lifted and relaid, barrels polished and blacked.

A well made Scottish Gun.

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6lb 9oz



Right: 728

Left: 732


Right: 731

Left: 733


Right: 28

Left: 27


Right: Full

Left: ¼